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I’m an artist, bridging unknown, spiritual experiences with a physical world. When everything fails in our life, tapping into art is like reaching into a sacred Self that has amazing messages for us. Mine are coming through dance, other forms of movement, words, music, and colors.

Łączę doświadczenia wydające się niewytłumaczalne, paranormalne z tym, co dzieje się w naszej uzgodnionej rzeczywistości. 

Nie ma dla mnie lepszych środków do tego niż te związane ze sztuką: taniec, muzyka, słowa, kolory, oddech ... 

Are you a dancer? Join Modern Jazz Dance Classes, currently online on Tuesdays at 18:00 European time.

 Looking for concentration - visualization classes? Improve your body awareness & meditate with us.

Warsztaty ~ zajęcia w małych grupach online, lub indywidualnie - Kreatywny Coaching - Samorealizacja

Are you looking for clarity and answers through Tarot?

Szukasz odpowiedzi przy pomocy Tarota?

Are you a reader of visionary fiction books? Do you love stories about reincarnation and aliens?

Czytasz książki, w których codzienność przeplata się ze snami o reinkarnacji i pozaziemskich formach życia? 

Are you redesigning your environment according to Feng-Shui or color-therapy? Check out Abstract Art 

Szukasz nowych dekoracji wedle zasad Feng-Schui lub terapii kolorami? Zajrzyj do malarstwa abstrakcyjnego

And LISTEN ... Listen to YourSelf and ... MUSIC

Looking for artistic collaborations, or investing in art? Write to joanna.pilatowicz (at) gmail.com

If you like to learn more about my journey, visit AMAZON.

I invite you to your personal journey of self-realization.

Below you will find the list of subjects published on Youtube. I am not asking for donations. It is enough if you subscribe to my channel and let the ads play. This way I can make money on my work. For those who really asked for it and like to, I am sharing the link to my Paypal.

Thank you for valuing my work! Let the Universe bring you what you wish for!

Zapraszam do samopoznania. Poniżej podaję tematcznie zagadnienia poruszane na kanale Youtube.

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Move Freely ~ Read ~Watch ~ Create ~ Explore


Joanna M. Pilatowicz

is an adult coach, dancer, dance teacher, choreographer, author, abstract painter, and recording artist. She has lived in Poland, The Netherlands, and currently resides in Germany. Her master thesis, "Expansion Through Dance," explored the concept of using dance as a healing medium, positively influencing not only the body but mind and soul as well. Life in the Netherlands inspired her to write her first short stories, in the Polish language, hiding some of the observed reality behind the veil of fantasy. 

Passing the borders of reality, I would say I am entering the world of fantasy, dreamland, and paranormal; however it is all still connected to everyday life.

I was always drawn by what's invisible to a human eye. At the same time, probably from a desire to understand my own Self and motives more, I started to write diaries that unfolded in an unexpected way. So I just followed it.

The supernatural creatures in my books and paranormal aspects present there are my own ways of expressing my reality, linking non - fiction with a feeling world as well as adding some sort of higher force to it.

It is my own metaphor for different roles from our so-called subpersonalities that perhaps want to share their story with us, in order for us to grow, explore, experience, or have a more fulfilling life. I do my best to follow these inner voices, giving them space and grabbing their message.