These classes build the bridge between jazz and modern dance style. Jazz pirouettes, Body Rolls, Flat-back, Isolation will be connected with characteristics of modern dance where one movement is a result of another.

We focus on deepening the conscious connection between mind and body, finding the balance between using muscles, and allowing relaxation by improving awareness of bodily weight. Typical jazzy isolation will be more fluent.

In the first part of the class, a series of dance routines made with specific intention will improve the connection between breath and movement.

In the second part of the class, we will learn choreographic sequences applying the same techniques used in the first half while allowing room for creative freedom and personal interpretation of the movement style.

This class is a mixture of lyrical jazz dance and contemporary, elements of hip-hop, African dance, and sometimes Latino and it is usually very dynamic.

It combines technique, choreography with improvisation and an individual expression of one’s movement.

If your goal is to perform, it supposes to assist you in your practice, exploration of your own style, deepen your body awareness, but mostly I want you to move and get inspired. This is when you get most of the fun, ease, and naturalness.