About me:

I graduated from Warsaw University, specializing in adult education – mediation, negotiation, and self-therapy. However, the practical education started earlier as a so-called paranormal aspect of human existence made me study, and practice dreams, visions, Tarot with … psychology, shamanism, quantum physics, family constellation, reincarnation, and us as a wholeness living so many times in different dimensions.

In my youth, I also joined art school to become a dancer, singer, and actress, which resulted in being a performer and dance teacher for over 25 years.

Today as an artist, I am bridging unknown, spiritual experiences with a physical world. When everything fails in our life, tapping into art is like reaching into a sacred Self that has amazing messages for us. Mine are coming through dance, other forms of movement, words, music, and colors.

Let my life work smooth the navigation of your life path, especially if you aspire to self-realize, self-knowing and the consensus reality has no limits for you. Explore.

I believe everyone’s mission is to fulfill their dreams. Therefore, I help people realize their dreams …

Claim back your personal power and navigate through life with ease while being a supernatural empath.


Joanna M. Pilatowicz – Polish author of the paranormal series “The Oracle”, Andragogue (meaning: adult’s educator), graduate from Warsaw University.

Drawn more to the unexplained aspect of human life than to work in a corporation, she eventually accepted the path of an artist, as she says: “I apparently learned how to live in different dimensions at the same time, without having a major split of personality.”

Joanna is also a dancer, choreographer, abstract art painter, and sometimes a recording artist.

She is an educator, assisting people in achieving their dreams through different tools such as Tarot, shape-shifting, dream interpretation, lectures through YouTube, and conscious movement workshops.

She focuses on inspiring about how to navigate through life when you are deeply feeling, a telepathic being, dreams lucidly, is an outsider or empath, eager to reach for more within and out to become the best of your Self.

Originally from Warsaw, she lived in Poland, The Netherlands, and Germany, where she currently resides.

Her master thesis, “Expansion Through Dance,” explored the concept of using dance as a healing medium, positively influencing not only the body but the mind and soul as well.

Life in the Netherlands inspired her to write her first short stories, in the Polish language, hiding some of the observed reality behind the veil of fantasy.
“I was always drawn by what’s invisible to a human eye. At the same time, probably from a desire to understand my own Self and motives more, I started to write diaries that unfolded in an unexpected way. So I just followed it.”
“The supernatural creatures in my books and paranormal aspects present there are my own ways of expressing my reality, linking non-fiction with a feeling world as well as adding some sort of higher force to it.”
“It is my own metaphor for different roles from our so-called sub-personalities that perhaps want to share their story with us, in order for us to grow, explore, experience, or have a more fulfilling life. I do my best to follow these inner voices, giving them space and grabbing their message.”




Performing Arts: Dancer, Choreographer, Educator, Author, Singer, Actress

3.2020 – present – Presenter, Influencer for the online channels: Joanna Pilatowicz, online dance teacher, lecturer

11.05.2019 – “Voyage” Performance, dancer and choreographer, Theater in Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof, Heidelberg

08 – 09.2018 – Author meetings in Los Angeles, Spiritual Center – Mystic Journey Bookstore & Arizona, National Library in Sedona, lectures and workshops

4.06.20017 – Delta Tanz Festival in Felina Theater in Mannheim, Premiere of “Undying dreams”, choreographer and dancer,

7.02.2017 – Alma Perdida Musical, dancer, actress, Worms Theater in Germany

10.2015 – Cooperation with Pepe TV, Polish Television in Germany,

01.2015- 2019 – Dance Teacher for Johannes Kepler Werkrealschule in Mannheim,

09.2014 – 20.12.2014 – Choreographer for Project FE_14 “Jugend ins Zentrum!” Theater in Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof, Heidelberg

09.2013 – 01.2016 – Modern jazz dance teacher for Penguin Tap School in Hemsbach, Choreographer for the concert 2015;

03.2013 – 2015 – Modern jazz dance teacher for Movement Ballet School in Mannheim,

01.2013 – 06.2013 – Jazz Dance Choreography and teaching for the concert of Vita Ballet Schule in Mannheim,

06.2009 – 3.2021 – Modern Jazz dance teacher, dancer, choreographer, Nostos Tanztheater, Heidelberg

05.2012 – 07.2013 – Belladrom Fitness Centre, Mannheim, Dance teacher for hip hop with children, Body Art with adults, and Latino dances with adults; cooperation with other dance schools: Ballet school Vita in Mannheim, Ladies World in Ludwigshafen, Sudanzasalsa;

01.2012 – 12.2014 – Dancer, Statist in Bewegungschoir for the Mannheim National Theatre, participation in productions such as Macbeth, Parsifal

09.02.2012 – Dance Teacher, Choreographer for the Kick-Off Event for SAP Germany, Heidelberg

09.2011 – Dancer for the project – show in Palatin in Wiesloch

09.2010 – 06.2011 – Performing artist (dancer, actress) in the show “Hard Candy”, dancer, actress, Nostos- tanztheater

10.2009 & 05.2010 – Jazz dance teacher in Dance Point Studio in Ludwigshafen, workshops

11.2009 – Dancer by African Dance Group of Mich Mokelo and African Choir, Heidelberg

09.2006 – 09.2009 – Model for Studio PCF, The Hague,

11.2008– Dancer, choreographer, coach, Fashion Show Ferreira shop in The Hague

10.2006- 05.2008 – Jazz dance teacher at the International School of The Hague

10.2006 – 06.2007 – Jazz dance teacher at Exnunc Dance Studio of Joan van der Mast,
The Hague

08.2006 – 10.2006 – Jazz Dance teacher in different dance studios in The Hague, Amsterdam, (Salseros, Braza Zouk)

01.2006 – Jazz dance teacher at Leidsche Ballet School, Leiden, The Netherlands

10.1999 – 06.2006 – Jazz dance Teacher, Choreographer, dancer, and singer in Hanna Kaminska Dance School, Wola Theater, Warsaw

10.2005 – 06.2006 – Jazz dance teacher at Salsa Libre School, Warsaw

07.2005 – Choreographer, dancer, actress in the movie Don’t Sleep; teaching group of dancers the moves and overseeing the production of the dance scenes; Lodz Film School

10.2004 – Dancer and choreographer of the project for the Festival of Modern Dance, Warsaw

11.2004 – Singer and choir participant at Złota Café, Warsaw

04.2003 – 10.2003 – Coach for Children Group, dancer, a statistician in Polish TV programs: “What a melody”, Warsaw

1995 – 2004 – Member of Art Ballet Dance Group, Performing Artist in concerts in different Polish cities: Warsaw, Karakow, Gdansk, Radom

2003 – Performing artist in the tour with the musical “Jesus Christ” through Germany and Austria

2002 – Model, dancer in Marek Sułek sculpture project, connecting sculpture with dance, Warsaw

10.2001 – Model, dancer elements in Katarzyna Kozyra project, Warsaw

11.2000 – Dancer in Warsaw Philharmonic, a concert dedicated to George Gershwin, Warsaw

05.1997 – Actress and scriptwriter, inspired by Alexander Fredro’s “Maidens’ Vows”, acting for the final exam in Acting School Hide Park, Warsaw

06.1996 – Performing artist in the musical “Lost in Dance” at Moliera’s Theatre, Warsaw


2019 – present – The whole series of “The Oracle” and the Polish versionsŚniąca”, and “Opowiesci z pogranicza swiatow” renewed, “Lorry” a story from “Stories from the Borderlands”

06.2018 – “The Oracle I – Here or there” published by ATTM Press (author meetings in LA, Venice & Sedona 8.2018; Heidelberg 10.2018)

05.2015 – W innych wymiarach – (In other dimensions)- Psychoskok Publishing,

10.2014 – Crowdfunding – W krolicza nore nieco glebiej – ebook published online in Polish language, Psychoskok Publishing ,

04.2014 – Opowiesci z pogranicza swiatow – the book published in Poland, Psychoskok Publishing,

12. 2013 – present – Writer for Polish newspaper in Germany Twoje Miasto

01.2008 – 2010 – Contributor writer for different Magazines: Access Magazine in the Hague, ICN International Coaching News, Hubpages,

Therapeutic, Facilitating personal psychological and paranormal processes of people:

2007– present Paranormal facilitator of a personal process – Coach www.joannapilatowicz.com

11.2009 – 12.201– Coach via phone calls in 24hrscoach, the Netherlands

06.2009 – 01.2010 – Coach and Teacher at Mannheim Academy for Social Professions,
(giving classes
in Stress Management)

07.2008 – 10.2008 – Educational coach in Intercultural Psychiatry, Amsterdam, (with cooperation to Polish House)

09.2000 – 06.2001 – Intern for choreotherapy in a Clinic for Stress Related Conditions, Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, Warsaw

10.2000 – 12.2000 – Therapist’s assistant at the Institute for the Hearing Impaired,
W. Sherborne Method, Warsaw

Abstract Painting, Exhibitions, Lectures

05.2018 – Dankbar Cafe, Mannheim

11.2014 – 2017 – Afrika Restaurant, Mannheim

01.2012 – 08.2012 – Schiller’s Café, Mannheim

09.2011 – DÁfrique Restaurant Mannheim

07-09.2010 – Heller’s Restaurant with an official opening on 4.09.2010, Mannheim, Germany

26.06. – 01.07.2010 – Taza, Art Gallery Mimosa, Morocco

10.2009 – 01.2010 – Valerius Café, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

06.2009 – Rotterdam, Spiritual event

2007 – British Club of The Hague, lecture about Runes


05.2009 – Organizer of Course in Miracle workshops, The Hague, The Netherlands

07.2008 – Secretary in Fluor Daniels Company, Haarlem, The Netherlands

10.2007 – Volunteer in Rotarian’s Project of Clean Rosary Park, The Hague

2007 – 2008 – Member of International Women Contact, The Hague

2.03.2007 – giving a lecture about Runes in the British Club, The Hague

2000 – 2005 – Tarot and Runes readings at the receptions sponsored by the magazine “Wrozka”, organized every year at a Polish celebration called Andrzejki

Languages Polish – native

English – fluent, advanced

German – communicative

Russian – basic


10.1999 – 06.2004 – Master of Education, Warsaw University, Mokotowska Street, Warsaw, Andragogy, Management of Human Resources

  • Diagnosis of a man in a work situation

  • Negotiations, mediation, and conflict solutions

  • Communication competence

  • Theory of organization and economy, marketing,

  • Education of adults

  • Psychology: Cognitive, Clinical, Health, Social

  • Biomedical basis of medicine & Health Promotion

09.2005 – 06.2006 – Creative & Therapeutic Coach, Academy of Physical Education, Warsaw, Psychotherapy

  • Psychotherapy, psychological help, first intervention, self-therapy

  • Psychological games in groups

  • Chosen schools of therapy: gestalt, Process Work, Simonton therapy, Bert Helinger method of family constellation, Neuro-linguistic programming NLP

  • Meditation and relaxation techniques

  • Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance Therapy, Alexander technique, Voice Emission

  • Communication and active listening

1995 – 2000 – Performing Artist, choreographer, dance pedagogue, Dancing and Acting Studio, Warsaw – Courses: ballet, modern, jazz, African dance, image on the stage, choreography, acting, singing, etc.

Languages training

09.2007 – 06.2008 German language course, Deutsche Internationale Schule, The Hague

12.2007 – 02.2008 English TOEFL preparation with the accomplished exam in Arnherm 100/120 points

2003 – 2005 Orange School of English, studying Advanced English, Warsaw

Other relevant training

03.2008 – 06.2009 Coaching program, Van Ede & Partners, Den Haag

02.2007 & 04.2008 Process Oriented Psychology, Seminars in London, Berlin

07.01.2007 Master Degree in Reiki method, Berlin

2002 Camp counselor course, Warsaw University

1995 – 1996 School of Stenotype and Secretaries in Warsaw