Joanna M. Pilatowicz – Polish author of the paranormal series “The Oracle”, Andragogue (meaning: adult’s educator), graduate from Warsaw University.

Drawn more to the unexplained aspect of human life than to work in a corporation, she eventually accepted the path of an artist, as she says: “I apparently learned how to live in different dimensions at the same time, without having a major split of personality.”

Joanna is also a dancer, choreographer, abstract art painter, and sometimes a recording artist.

She is an educator, assisting people in achieving their dreams through different tools such as Tarot, shape-shifting, dream interpretation, lectures through YouTube, and conscious movement workshops.

She focuses on inspiring about how to navigate through life when you are deeply feeling, a telepathic being, dreams lucidly, is an outsider or empath, eager to reach for more within and out to become the best of your Self.

Originally from Warsaw, she lived in Poland, The Netherlands, and Germany, where she currently resides.

Her master thesis, “Expansion Through Dance,” explored the concept of using dance as a healing medium, positively influencing not only the body but the mind and soul as well.

Life in the Netherlands inspired her to write her first short stories, in the Polish language, hiding some of the observed reality behind the veil of fantasy.
“I was always drawn by what’s invisible to a human eye. At the same time, probably from a desire to understand my own Self and motives more, I started to write diaries that unfolded in an unexpected way. So I just followed it.”
“The supernatural creatures in my books and paranormal aspects present there are my own ways of expressing my reality, linking non-fiction with a feeling world as well as adding some sort of higher force to it.”
“It is my own metaphor for different roles from our so-called sub-personalities that perhaps want to share their story with us, in order for us to grow, explore, experience, or have a more fulfilling life. I do my best to follow these inner voices, giving them space and grabbing their message.”