ABSTRACT ART for interior design, Feng Shui accessories, etc.

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I am also collecting feedback about how my artwork influences your life. If you like, let me know about changes in your life after intentionally implementing the image.


Abstract paintings are designed for decoration, and color therapy and can be also used in Feng Shui. They are based on the psychological knowledge that certain shapes, signs, and colors can have a positive influence on the human psyche.

Different shapes of signs are correlated to different types of qualities present in nature, and the environment.

The images are the combinations of Runes and other symbols used by different cultures such as Celts, and Vikings. In some cultures, symbols were and still are used to improve the equality of life on a personal, professional, and emotional level, bringing growth and enhancing consciousness and spiritual knowledge.

The paintings are created using acrylic on canvas.

Previously available in different sizes: 40/50 cm; 30/40 cm; 40/40 cm; 30/30; 24/30, now accessible in the form of digital art.

My inspiration comes from many sources, not necessarily from the most famous painters. However, one of my favorites is Wassily Kandinsky and Joan Miro.


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