Welcome! & Stay tuned to your Essence

Akasha – your access to the true knowledge within Self

This is a place beyond time and space where we support the connection to your true knowledge within Self.

The place in which we balance being an individual, often an outsider, a creative, who won’t fit in the crowd with being – existing in a community that has a respect for other’s borders.

Why Akasha? ~ Personiified Akasha in my books is alive and exists, perhaps also within You …

Individually we are like a spark, water drop, or wave, but together we are an ocean of possibilities … „I am because you are,” is not only an African concept but our, those living in this universe.

If you like to join, write to joanna.pilatowicz (at) gmail.com or here: https://www.facebook.com/pilatowiczjoanna

Doors to a Better Self ~ Living inspired ~

Creative minds community ~

and Free Stuff, something to read, library online, articles, free online coaching program you will find it here.

Let’s make the impossible possible.

Create COMMUNITY ~ Doors to a Better Self ~ Living inspired

What – How – Why


* We create supportive environment that encourages people’s best potentials, encouraging their work by tapping into authentic Self; fulfilling our and your dreams

* We find solutions to the disturbances of harmonious living

* We enable creative people, artists, outsiders to integrate their talents into the life mission – life work-life profession in reality

* We are international

* we spread knowledge, education, awareness, support creatives, liberate from limiting systems, connecting science and spirituality, multicultural understanding, serve humankind

To (inspire people = contribution), so (I can change the world. = impact)

* what do you stand for? (people don’t buy what you do, but HOW you do it)

* How has your work, what you do, changed somebody’s life?

Team up with someone who does what is unnatural to you and what is natural to him.


* education – workshops coaching in subjects of art, psychology, spirituality,

* individual counseling, psychological support,

* networking – connecting people

* library, gallery, cafe

* cooperating with other communities, institutes such as Jobs agencies, companies, Cultural offices, etc.

* assisting in creating job places for artists through ART & Philosophy: books – library, dance, performances – dance theater, film, teachings workshops, videos, etc.

How are we different? – we focus on creatives – artists, those who perceive more, are into self-awareness and friendly environment,

* Gather stories with quality – facts – Add meaning. What impact did you have on others and how did it feel?

For whom?

* creative people, artists as well as entrepreneurs, thinkers, innovators

Networking while the event for those who:

* seek cooperation with similar minded people; * seek inspiration * are in a major life transition toward the desired career, lifestyle; * seek self-awareness in order to harness the best of Self;