Please read before you write:

* Specify what would you like: a session? Which one? Read pages Tarot, Oracle and Seminars to know what to expect.

* If you like abstract art from my online store and cannot access it, write me with the link to the product. After the payment is received on the paypal, you will get by email the image.

The prices are the minimum suggested by me. If you like to support my art by adding more, I’m very thankful for it. 😉

* Please write directly to joanna.pilatowicz(at), never on social media, such as Facebook, etc.

* If you would like to be interviewed by me. Yes, this is possible, however …

If you know about my channel, you know I am also supporting others. Recently my channel got demonetized. That means I have to find other sources of income.

I am still supporting others, yet now focusing on the MUTUAL support.

If you like I will interview you on my channel, please write me your offer ONLY reaching me by EMAIL, and depending on your offer, I will respond with the possible schedule, and ways of cooperation.

Thank you for honoring my work!

* If you are a guest on my Youtube, be prepared during the recording, we don’t take breaks, or phone calls as I don’t edit. By coming to me you are agreeing that the material will be launched and not taken down. It goes public. Please be prepared.

If you need to cancel the recording, write me ASAP. Thank you for honoring my time too.

To save us time, please remember:

* I don’t review the books anymore.