Sentenced to be a dancer? ;)

* Gain Personal power through awareness – Not only for dancers

* Online recordings: Flow Freely: modern jazz ~ lyrical jazz ~ body shaping ~ stretching ~ meditation ~ visualization


If you would like to get access, write: Joanna.pilatowicz (at) gmail.com

* If you are participating in the classes online, please be earlier on Skype, so I can add you to the group. Thanks!


These classes build the bridge between jazz and modern dance styles. Jazz pirouettes, Body Rolls, Flat-back, Isolation will be connected with characteristics of modern dance where one movement is a result of another.

We focus on deepening the conscious connection between mind and body, finding the balance between using muscles, and allowing relaxation by improving awareness of bodily weight. Typical jazzy isolation will be more fluent.

In the first part of the class, a series of dance routines made with specific intentions will improve the connection between breath and movement.

In the second part of the class, we will learn choreographic sequences by applying the same techniques used in the first half while allowing room for creative freedom and personal interpretation of the movement style.

This class is a mixture of lyrical jazz dance and contemporary, elements of hip-hop, African dance, and sometimes Latino and it is usually very dynamic.

It combines technique, choreography with improvisation and an individual expression of one’s movement.

If your goal is to perform, it is supposed to assist you in your practice, exploration of your own style, deepen your body awareness, but mostly I want you to move and get inspired. This is when you get most of the fun, ease, and naturalness.


Shape – shape your body by combining different rhythms of bodywork with concentration on your breath

* Improve positive self-image, confidence, concentration & posture;

* Energize your body, Breath easily;

* Lessen stress or hypertension;

Mobility (Flow)

* Evolve flexibility of your movement & tap into your own style;

* Learn the basis of modern jazz dance techniques

* improve your ability to move

Latino- jazz dance ~ fuer Angfengers, bewegen einfach und folgen basis Schritte und Elemente von verschidene Tanz Stille.

DE – Jazz Latino Dance Aerobic – move and follow easy steps and elements of different styles of dance.

Meet & Learn & Chat & Enjoy

Modern Jazz Tanz mit Joanna & Selbstverteininugng mit Glenn

Every Wednesday/ Jede Mittwoch

in ZITOs, Mannheim, N6, 3

18:00 – 19:00 – Modern jazz Tanz

19:00 – 20:00 – Selsbtverteininung

Price 10 E per class or 15 Euros per 2 classes

Contact: joanna.pilatowicz@gmail.com

* Dance classes can be in English, Polish & German



05.2017 Felina Theater in Mannheim – Delta Dance Festival

07.02.2017 – Musical Alma Perdida (Lost souls) in Worms Theater

21.07.2013 – choregraphy for Tanzmarathon in Heidelberg with Nostos Tanz Theater,

06.07.2013 – choreography and teaching for Vita Veremeyko Ballettschule Vita

member of examination committee

27.06.2013 – Dance Workshopsin Movement Tanz Schule, Mannheim

01.2012, 04.2013 – Parsifal, National Theater Mannheim

06.2012 – performance with Sudanzasalsa

09.02.2012 -Dancing workshops, choreography and show for the Kick-Off Event for SAP Germany, Heidelberg

09.2011- Palatin in Wiesloch.

Show with Nostos TanzTheater

09.2010 – 06.2011- Hard Candy, performance in Karlstofbahnhof theater in Heidelberg with Nostos Tanz Theater

26.04.2011 – Hard Candy, Projekttheater Dresden

10.2009 & 05.2010 – Modern jazz dance workshops in different dance schools, Dance Point in Ludwigshafen,

11.2009 – 12.2011 – Performances with the African Dance Group of Mich Mokelo and African Choir, Heidelberg

The Netherlands

09.2006 – 09.2009 – Modeling projects for the Studio PCF, The Hague Numen

Art Exhibition, The

H ague Library, 10-11.2009

11.2008 – Choreography and show at Fashion Show for the Ferreira shop in The Hague

10.2006- 05.2008- Jazz dance classes in the International School of The Hague

10.2006 – 06.2007 – Jazz dance classes in the Exnunc Dance Studio of Joan van der Mast, The Hague,

08.2006 – 10.2006 – Jazz Dance classes in different dance studios in The Hague, Amsterdam, (Salseros, Braza Zouk)

01.2006 – Jazz dance workshops in the Leidsche Ballet School, Leiden


10.1999 – 06.2006 – Jazz dance clasess, performances, Hanna Kaminska Dancing Acting School, Wola Theater, Warsaw

10.2005 – 06.2006 – Jazz dance classes in Salsa Libre School, Warsaw

07.2005 – Choreography for the movie Don’t Sleep; Lodz Film School

10.2004- Performance at Festival of Modern Dance, Warsaw

04.2003 – 10.2003 – Polish TV programs: “What a melody”, Warsaw

1995 – 2004 – Performances with Art Ballet Dance Group, Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Radom, Germany, Austria,

2002 – Sculpture meet Dance, project with Marek Sułek, Warsaw

10.2001 – Modeling for Katarzyna Kozyra project, Warsaw

11.2000 – Performances in Warsaw Philharmonic, concert dedicated to George Gershwin, Warsaw

06.1996 – Musical “Lost in dance” at Moliera’s Theatre, Warsaw