Tap into an Oracle within you

Sessions with two types of lucid dreaming:


1. When you are awake, we go directly to the information. I call it shapeshifting. We step into different perspective, so you can get instant clarity.

2. Lucid dreaming while you sleep and dream interpretation.


PAID BEFORE THE SESSION (at least 24 hrs before the session)
* 30 – minute session. – 95 Euros – reading-only and insights on where the challenges are rooted.

* 1 hour – 178 Euros – reading with insights plus possible chosen work on ancestors, reincarnation, or affirmations. I will give you commands tailored to your life that you can use daily. as time allows.

* Appointments are available through Skype, phone, what’s app, or Signal, Telegram.

* Write to: joanna.pilatowicz (AT) gmail.com

* The guarantee of your session is the payment:


with the title: Donation or Dreaming Art or Consultation

or bank: DE38 6705 0505 0039 0092 26


* If you need to cancel or reschedule the session, please do so a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

* PLEASE NOTE if you have a challenging financial situation but still would like a reading, send me an email with questions and mention that you want me to do a reading online. I will then do the reading live on my YouTube channel.

* REFERRAL PROGRAM – you will receive one time 10% discount on your next reading for every client you referred to me, who HAS a PAID session with me.

Please tell me which person that took a session was from you.

Read before you write:


* Dreaming doesn’t necessarily mean sleeping, or resting …

* Dreams have messages for you that you can use in your everyday life.

* If you like, you can write down your dream and your personal connotations with the elements from your dreaming in the email to joanna.pilatowicz (at) gmail.com or simply tell me about it while the session.


There is no better word for me to describe a direct change of role you are currently in and UNDERSTAND what is happening to you, and what influences you. We do that in order to gain CLARITY about what is going on.

I draw from many methods, and schools, such as drama, gestalt, process-oriented psychology, and shamanism. We do not stop just expressing and acting out, we go deeper into switching the roles until you can gain the direct power of it and integrate it within your personality.